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Come to the Mothership to locate your ideal scooter
Some individuals appear to have forgotten that you can roll on the avenue with much more than a bicycle or a skateboard. They seem to be to have overlooked about the aged university but employed presently scooter. Besides getting wheels and a deck-like a skateboard- a scooter also has a handlebar that resembles the control you have on a bicycle, but with the pushing drive that a skateboard has. When you give a scooter to a little one as a current, it is primarily manufactured out of plastic, but expert custom scooters are primarily created out of aluminum. The query remains the identical: in which can I locate a 1st class professional scooter shop? Don´t consider it two times, you much better give Mothership store a seem by.
A pro scooter store that goes past rolling close to
A scooter is not just a transportation vehicle pushed by pressured. There are a lot of trick scooters close to produced exactly for hopping or undertaking tail whips or 360. With exercise and the correct custom made professional scooter at Mothership, you could turn out to be a pro just like the Funk Brothers. The greatest scooter professionals journey with our tools and equipment. Mothership is 1 of the very best alternatives in the scooter company.
pro scooter shop
A suitable professional scooter shop made for any person
Do not be concerned of the word “pro”. We only indicate that we give the best provider around, like the pros we are. You can be a newbie in this great activity or you could be an knowledgeable expert that wants something different and best-notch, that´s when Mothership enters in the area.
Something you want in the pro scooter business
Do you want professional scooter parts since yours received damaged? We got them for you. Are you in need of any of the scooter makes in the market, like Apex or Taste? We also have them for you. Additionally, do you want to build your own scooter? We can also give you that personalized scooter you usually dreamed of.
Our background of development
We began our business around 2006 when we obtained access scooter access. Because then, we have been steadily developing and building as an organization with the good results we were obtaining at the a lot of contests our group produced we opened our first modest store in 2009. In addition, we have skilled and virtually raised the biggest talent in the trick scooter activity world, some of them are nevertheless right here with us.
We are distinctive in the scooter globe
Some men and women might believe this is a tiny business. Even so, the network we´ve created at Mothership is a family members-like group that feels portion of some thing even bigger, with personality and high quality as their values. You can buy a scooter everywhere, but we show you the distinction among a standard scooter and a professional scooter, or even a trick scooter. We are not a shop that you can find anyplace, when you stroll into Mothership, you will truly feel portion of a selected group. See you at Mothership.

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