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How to complete an online sale in Jamaica

Business Ideas March 15, 2017

If you have a physical product to sell in Jamaica you might be wondering how to actually complete the sale.

If you advertise on Lightpost Ads and you received interest from potential buyers then the next step is to collect the money and deliver the goods and this is where people get nervous.

First there is the problem if safety. With Jamaica being the way it is- people are often scared to meet complete strangers to hand over money. How do you know the person on the other end of the transaction is trust worthy?

Then there is the problem of haggling. You agree on a price and when it’s time to deliver you are faced with haggling and people trying to bawl down the price.

There is also the problem  of dishonesty. You give them the money and what you get is not what was advertised. These are all scenarios that can play out with any online platform. In the US craig’s lis  is a popular online classified ads service and they face a lot of these problems. However these are the exceptions and not the norm. Lets not forget that most people are good and honest.

Most transactions will do done favorable. Most people who say they have something to sell usually do and usually the price you agree on is what is paid and the item you saw online is what is delivered. This is the majority of the case.

Now for the minority of cases where people are shady. These are steps you can take to mitigate against them.

1. Avoid cash transactions where possible

Try to find alternative means of collecting money.For example instead of carrying a big lump of cash, ask the buyer to give you a manager’s check  ( this is only for large purchases for thousands of dollars). We know going to the bank is a hassle and nobody likes standing in lines so for smaller purchases this probably will not work.

2. Meet at public indoor places

With everyone being so crime conscious, meeting at a public place is better. Public doesn’t mean open. Look for places that have security guards or cameras such as inside a shopping mall or a popular restaurant. The owners of these establishment have a vested interest in the safty of their customers so if something goes down the security will try to help you. Open places like at bus stops and on the street might not be the best places as although there are many passerbys because it’s nonone owns it and provide easy escape  if someone is being dishonest.

3. Mail packages where possible

If you have a physical product to sell, then try to mail it instead of meeting the person. Of course you have to arrange to get paid before you mail it. This may be difficult as the buyer has to trust that they are sending their money and trusting that you will deliver. Lightpost Ads will in the future provide a solution for solving this problem.

4. Don’t be too eager, be vigilant

Eventually it boils down to your instincts, if you are dealing with a person and ou suspect that they are not ‘right’ then don’t do the transaction. If they have very suspicious demands or want to meet at some odd hour in some odd place then you probably should not deal with that persona anymore. If on the day of drop off they have a lot of requests and want you to do things that seem shady then walk away. It is best to forfeit a sale and be safe than get the sale and be unsafe.


Doing transactions online is easier than you think. In Jamaica we are just getting there but the rest of the first world countries have been there for  a while now and it works. All the crimes and wickedness that goes on in Jamaica go on everywhere else in the world and yet they are still able to have a thriving online ecommerce economy. This is because the good far outweigh the bad.

Remember most people are honest and usually if they saythey have something to sell they do. Lightpost ads puts additional security by having a community for social proof. If  you have a bad experience you can leave a review and that seller will have a bad reputation that will affect his business so he is inclined to do the right thing. But companies thrive off this social proof and we can too in Jamaica.

So be confident and  to shop and sell online in Jamaica, follow the tips above and get out there to make some money and find good deals online!



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