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How to post an ad for free

How to update ads after they have been posted

How to manage ads

Why am I being asked to pay in USD ?

What items can I sell on Lightpost Ads?


How to post an ad for free in 10 easy steps

In this example we will post an add for a dress. You can substitute the category based on the item you are selling or the service you are offering.

1. Select “Post an Ad” from the menu bar


post ad1

2. Select the ad category. Sometimes you may have to choose sub categories as well.

post ad step 2 - choose category.

3.  When you have chosen the category and subcategory select Go

post ad 3 - select Go

4.  Enter the description of your ad

Fill out the form shown. Not every field is required. The required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Two things to note: if you want to change the ad category then you can always do so by clicking the link “Change ” beside the category description as shown below.

You will  need to enter a title. Make your title descriptive and inviting – but short. This will help grab attention and make your ad easier to read.

You must enter a price. Prices are entered without the $ or any othe rcharacter such as commas or full stops.

Write a description of your item. Be sure to include details that will help a buyer make a decision. Anticipate what they might ask and put it in the description but still try to make it to the point as much as possible.

post ad4 - description

5.  Fill in the rest of the fields

Fields vary based n the category you choose. You must enter the fields that are required based on your ad category and you must enter your parish and country. You can use the tags section optionally to put labels you think describe your product.

post ad5 - description

6. Add images

Select the add images button to add images of your item. When selling products try to take images of the product from different angles, back, side and front expecially. Take images in good lighting and pay attention to the background.

post ad6- add image

7. Add  featured ad (optional)

If you  want your ad to get the most exposure,  you can make your add featured  for a small fee and it will display always on the front page under the featured section.

post ad7 - add featured ad option

8. Choose  free ad package 

If you want to use the free ad package, click the dropdown and select free. Free ads display for only 7 days.  Select continue.

post ad8 - choose free option

9. Review your ad

Read through your ad. Make sure your information is correct. If you need to make changes select “Go Back”. Read the rules and guidelines and and make sure you understand them. If your ad violates the rules it will be removed. When done select continue.

post ad8 - review

post ad9 - terms


10.That’s it!!

Congratulations!! you are done. Review your order summary and choose View ad lisiting to see your ad!

Since we chose the free ad pack then our payment is $0.00 If we had chosen a premium package the price displayed here would be the cost of the ad.

post ad10 - payment

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