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How it Works



3 Easy steps

This is how it works:

1. Register yourself

2. Post your ad

3. Sell your stuff

It’s very very easy. Registration is free, posting is free for a limited time, you can pay extra to have your ad displayed longer if you want. Then when customers start contacting you, you sell and in some cases arrange the delivery. That’s it.

Simple Right?

So if you have something to sell or  advertise or give away or even just to advertise yourself with your resume. Start here – put it on the lightpost!

Creating Ads is simple too

You can create ads for free ( shocker!). We know many people like to charge and charge in Jamaica but we believe sharing is caring so you can pay us for displaying your ads longer ( and we really appreciate this) but you can also create ads for free.  That means yuh nuh pay nutten. You get almost all the features for free as with the premium options the difference is that free is displayed for a shorter time. Here is how to do it:

  • -Choose “Post an Ad” from the main menu
  • -Select category and subcategories
  • -Enter the details required for the ad category
  • -Choose the ad package
  • -Preview the ad
  • -Pay if you chose a premium package ( will be skipped automatically if free package is chosen)
  • -Submit your listing

And that’s it!


Show me the money! – What about getting paid?

Sorry, collecting the money is on you. Besides, do you really want us taking YOUR money? We thought so.

Lightpost Ads is a classified ads listing website we are not e-commerce. We advertise, we do not complete the sale. Once your ad is up the buyer can contact you and you can arrange the payment. In the future we might reconsider this but for now this is the way it is.

Still have questions?

We like questions, and we anticipated some of them and answered them for you already in our FAQ page. Yup, we are cool like that but you can always ask new questions on the ads page. Check it out!





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