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How to complete an online sale in Jamaica

Business Ideas March 15, 2017

If you have a physical product to sell in Jamaica you might be wondering how to actually complete the sale.

If you advertise on Lightpost Ads and you received interest from potential buyers then the next step is to collect the money and deliver the goods and this is where people get nervous.

First there is the problem if safety. With Jamaica being the way it is- people are often scared to meet complete strangers to hand over money. How do you know the person on the other end of the transaction is trust worthy?

Then there is the problem of haggling. You agree on a price and when it’s time to deliver you are faced with haggling and people trying to bawl down the price.

There is also the problem  of dishonesty. You give them the money and what you get is not what was advertised. These are all scenarios that can play out with any online platform. In the US craig’s lis  is a popular online classified ads service and they face a lot of these problems. However these are the exceptions and not the norm. Lets not forget that most people are good and honest.

Most transactions will do done favorable. Most people who say they have something to sell usually do and usually the price you agree on is what is paid and the item you saw online is what is delivered. This is the majority of the case.

Now for the minority of cases where people are shady. These are steps you can take to mitigate against them.

1. Avoid cash transactions where possible

Try to find alternative means of collecting money.For example instead of carrying a big lump of cash, ask the buyer to give you a manager’s check  ( this is only for large purchases for thousands of dollars). We know going to the bank is a hassle and nobody likes standing in lines so for smaller purchases this probably will not work.

2. Meet at public indoor places

With everyone being so crime conscious, meeting at a public place is better. Public doesn’t mean open. Look for places that have security guards or cameras such as inside a shopping mall or a popular restaurant. The owners of these establishment have a vested interest in the safty of their customers so if something goes down the security will try to help you. Open places like at bus stops and on the street might not be the best places as although there are many passerbys because it’s nonone owns it and provide easy escape  if someone is being dishonest.

3. Mail packages where possible

If you have a physical product to sell, then try to mail it instead of meeting the person. Of course you have to arrange to get paid before you mail it. This may be difficult as the buyer has to trust that they are sending their money and trusting that you will deliver. Lightpost Ads will in the future provide a solution for solving this problem.

4. Don’t be too eager, be vigilant

Eventually it boils down to your instincts, if you are dealing with a person and ou suspect that they are not ‘right’ then don’t do the transaction. If they have very suspicious demands or want to meet at some odd hour in some odd place then you probably should not deal with that persona anymore. If on the day of drop off they have a lot of requests and want you to do things that seem shady then walk away. It is best to forfeit a sale and be safe than get the sale and be unsafe.


Doing transactions online is easier than you think. In Jamaica we are just getting there but the rest of the first world countries have been there for  a while now and it works. All the crimes and wickedness that goes on in Jamaica go on everywhere else in the world and yet they are still able to have a thriving online ecommerce economy. This is because the good far outweigh the bad.

Remember most people are honest and usually if they saythey have something to sell they do. Lightpost ads puts additional security by having a community for social proof. If  you have a bad experience you can leave a review and that seller will have a bad reputation that will affect his business so he is inclined to do the right thing. But companies thrive off this social proof and we can too in Jamaica.

So be confident and  to shop and sell online in Jamaica, follow the tips above and get out there to make some money and find good deals online!

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Top 8 disappearing jobs in Jamaica

Day jobs February 12, 2017

The factories of the future will have two employees: a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment. – Warren Bennis

It’s amazing how many things we used to do just a few years ago that we don’t even think of doing anymore. Anybody remember dialing 114 to get Cable and Wireless directory assistance? If you don’t, then you are very young but trust me -this used to be a thing. If you do remember, then you can appreciate how rapidly we have collectively changed in the way we do things.

As we change, so does the industries around us and most often than not, the people employed in those changing industries must adapt or their jobs soon disappear.

In this article I have listed the jobs that are at risk for extinction in Jamaica in a few years. If you are thinking of getting into any of these fields – be cautious. If you are already working in these fields – stick around to the end where I give solutions of what you can do to stay relevant. Here are the top 8 jobs that a disappearing in Jamaica:

1. Librarian

Library science used to be a serious career choice, now its an almost forgotten career. Given that the internet gives us information at our fingertips and we can download pdf books and audio books and have so many sources of information. The physical books are still necessary and will be around  for a long time, but the need to go to a library is not. Librarians at big universities or research centers are still relevant but generally the field is dwindling.

2. Shoemaker

As more and more people replace shoes instead of repair them and less and less people learn the trade of shoe making, shoe maker and shoe repair jobs which are already scarce enough, will  disappear even more in Jamaica.

 3. Postal Worker

Back in the day letters were it. Now people send emails not letters. For me I only get bills at the post office – so not a lot to look forward to. Post office workers will have to find new ways to keep themselves relevant int the coming years.

4. Insurance Underwriters

Insurance underwriters are specially skilled people who determine the risk involved in insuring a client. These jobs are disappearing as automated decisioning systems become more and more popular in the insurance industry. They will go even faster when Jamaica gets its credit bureau setup and start using credit scores in underwriting. Underwriters will be less needed as technology will replace them more and more.

5. Travel Agents

A lot of people still use travel service in Jamaica but it’s days are numbered. With services like orbitz and kayak and a number of other online flight booking services, the need for a travel agents job will soon be gone.

TravelDocs Travel visas and passport services

6. Newspaper Vendor / Printer

Jamaica still enjoys a high readership of physical  newspaper even when many international newspapers are turning to online only with no papers being printed  at all. Nevertheless, with more and more reliance on online sources for news and information, the newspaper printers and newspaper vendors may find themselves in the same situation in a few years.

7. Fine jewelers

Gold jewelry was big in Jamaica in the 80’sand 90’s. Anybody remember the cargo chains and the big grape earrings? OK, well maybe not everybody was into that, but it was very common to have a gold chain built with your name on it. I saw plenty of this when I was growing up in Kingston. Nowadays more people are into buying fashion jewelry and very few use the services of a jeweler who can craft gold and other precious metals.

8. Bus Conductors

It started with JUTC removing the conductors from their buses. The conductors usually sat at the back of the bus. Then they removed them altogether and people entered from the front of the bus and paid the driver. In most of Jamaica, bus conductors enjoy thriving employment even on very small mini buses. Nevertheless, their days are numbered as more and more technology will come into the transport sector and less and less people will be needed to be conductors on buses.


Most of us in Jamaica are just working a job trying to make ends meet. Most people just need a job, any decent job. But it turns out that you have to not just  try to keep your job, but you also have to look in the future and see where that job is going and position yourself to move with it.

So if you work in any of the fields listed above you are in danger. What can you do? The answer is diversify. Find ways to add value both personally and in the industry you are currently in. If your industry is taking steps to improve their relevance then be willing to help -don’t get stuck in the old ways.

The very best thing you can do though, is be your own boss, or at least have a side hustle.  What can you do to make money on the side? Not to worry we thought about that for you already. Click here for 40 low cost ideas.

You don’t have to leave your house or job to run your side business. Put a free ad on the lightpost and watch your views increase -and hopefully so will your sales. Let your ad work for you while you sleep. It doesn’t get much better than that. Check it out here.


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I found a product to sell, now what?

Business Promotion November 26, 2016


I Found a Product …Now help me sell it!

You have always wanted to start your own business and now you’ve done it. Yeah!! After weeks of agonizing over what to sell, you finally found your  product – congratulations! Now what?

In this blog we talk a lot about ideas to start a business as an entrepreneur with little or no capital. Today, we want to spend some time  showing you how to start selling your products.

Who is this article for?

If you are a large organization with lots of money or one man operation with funds from your  rich uncles – this article is not for you.

This article is for the  person or small group that is trying to start a business with little money and no idea what the hell they are doing!


I have several degrees but I’m not a marketing expert. Books have been written and a lot of people have studied and have many different approaches to sell products, so if you want can go read any number of books to get expert advice on this.

I don’t care, how do I get sales for my product?

Ok, so now that you have your product, how do you get sales? How can you be sure you will make money and not loose your investment?

The short answer is: you don’t know. There is risk involved.  So get comfortable with being uncertain and taking risks – but don’t be reckless in taking too much risk. Its tricky, I know.

Learn to assess risk

Risk is anything that can cause you to fail. You have to think about these possible failure points and do what you can to reduce the likelihood of it happening.

One  way to assess this risk  is to see if anyone else is selling what you plan to sell and how well they are doing. There are many other ways you can assess risk, more info here.

Identify your market

Next identify your buyers: who do you plan to sell to? (Don’t just say  anyone).

You have to identify the characteristics of the person who is most likely to buy your item and that will be your market, if others come along – great, but identify your target  market first  – and do it early.

Here is an  example: say I was in  PriceMart shopping  and I found a good deal on Jergens lotions and I think I can resell it and make a decent profit off it. So I have identified my product as Jergens lotion. How do I figure out who my market is?

Here’s what  I would do: before I go crazy buying up all the Jergens lotion in the store. I would go through this process:

First,  I would assess how risky this product is. I would ask myself the following questions:

  1. Would I buy or use this product myself?  If I won’t use it I probably I won’t be motivated in selling it.
  2. Is there a demand for this product?  – The fact that almost everyone uses lotion make me feel fairly safe that it has demand
  3. Can I easily find supply of this product? Since I am buying at PriceMart then I am  bound by the price there. I would have to find another supplier just in case one day PriceMart runs out. I would note as a risk my dependence on PriceMart’s supply and price point.
  4. How will I get this to clients?  At this point, I don’t know yet but I’m ok with that for now. I note it as another risk.

Ok, but who will actually buy from me?

A big question. Who am I going to sell it to? You need to profile your potential buyer. This can be by gender, income, interests, age etc…

We’ll go back to my example, the first thing I would do is hang around the checkout line for a bit and see if anybody else is buying Jergens lotions and also to form a profile of the buyer. Turns out the people  buying all tend to be women  roughly from early 20s to 40s. I would check out other supermarkets too – not in a creepy way, but just paying a little bit more attention than usual.

Research your product

If you are gonna sell something you need to know all about the thing you are selling. Research it.

So in my case I would go to www.jergens.com to learn about the product and also to see if there are any opportunities to buy in bulk direct from the manufacturer to mitigate against depending on only PriceMart. And while I’m there, I would check out the kind of people they  market to and what do I see …hmm pictures of women and even video of women talking about the product.

Starting to look like women interested in skin care would be my target market. To confirm this I would do some more research with people I have access to by asking my friends and family. I would probably say something like: “ Hey Pam, which kind of lotion do you buy?” She might come back with a long list that may or may not include Jergens.  It doesn’t matter.

You use the question to find out one thing: does Pam buy lotions or not?  If she does you can create a category of buyer  based on her profile and file that away. I would ask a number of different people of varying age groups as well.  You can now form a target market based on the answers you get.

Awesome! now how do I get my product in front of buyers?

Where to find the people in your market is a big challenge. The one reason you want to know where to find your target audience is so that you can get your products in front of them.

So continuing on my Jergens example. Here I am having bought a bunch of Jergens lotions, I know I am targeting women between the ages of 18 to 49 ( just my quick guestimate) and now I need to sell it. How the hell am I gonna do that?

Setup a stall-  quickest but most unpleasant way to sell

The quickest way to sell is to pedal your wares in high traffic areas. By doing so you are hoping that members of your audience will be among the many people who will see your product and be compelled to buy. So for example in Stony Hill where I’m from, there is a very busy town centre with lots of people selling already. I could set up a stall somewhere and sit out there letting the products advertise themselves as people  walk by. This is a common way and fairly easy to do given Jamaica’s laid back business laws.  But unfortunately, I am not one to sit and  wait for people to pass me on the street to buy. Nothing is wrong with that, but its just not something I would enjoy doing. So I have to figure something else out. If this is ok with you, then this is the fastest way to sell in Jamaica.

If not selling in the streets then where?

If you are like me and have no desire to sell on  the streets then you can

  • consider getting your own shop
  • rent a kiosk in a busy mall
  • sign up for a booth at special events/shows

All of the above are added expense though. If you don’t want to have a big overhead until you verify that the product will make enough profit then there is another way.

The first thing you have to do is think  back to your target market. Where are the people in your market going? what are the activities they do regularly? Where can you find them in large numbers?

In my Jergens example: my target audience is women 18-49. I might break that down some more to smaller target groups later on but for now I’m working with this range.

So to target this demography, I have to figure out where they go. The idea here is to look for non- competing service providers who supply this group of people. I’m looking for a service provider or other product that I can pair with my product  without direct competition. So basically I need to find someone is who is not selling what I’m selling (i.e not selling lotions) but can benefit from  what I’m selling.

Benefit from other people’s audiences

Try to find a service provider whose audience would also be interested in your product. Hmm, turns out women go to hairdressing salons a lot in Jamaica for the sole purpose of having their hair and body look good. Seems to me that a product that is a lotion promising to make their skin look good would be a great compliment to that. I think I just found a great non competing service provider! Yeah!

So if I can partner with a hairdressing salon then I can benefit from their audience which is also members of my target market and get my products in front of their customers without competing with them. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Find a complimentary service that is a fit for your product

The idea here is to find a good fit. Make sure the product or service is complimentary. For example if you are a wedding planner it might be good to build a connection  with a photographer rather than a smart phone vendor. See what I mean?

So  approach complimentary service providers and find a way to align with them. In my example I would approach hairdressing salons and make an offer that will provide some benefit to them. Something like offering to supply lotion to the salon at some frequency per month or give a commission on the sales or something like that.  Always encourage the owner of the business to  partner with by providing something of value to them but make sure you are profiting as well.

Finally, getting customers to buy

Ok , so now I assessed my risk, I defined my target audience, I researched my product  and I partnered with a non-competing service.  How do I actually get my products in the hands of customers and get their money in my pocket?

So the short answer is distribution. How do you actually get them to see your product? You will have to decide on the most effective way to display. Now that you have an audience, you need to assess the best way to show them what you have.

If I were selling fine jewelry, for example, even though looking at the actual diamond necklace would help my buyer fall in love with it much quicker and hence buy it. Having it on my person is not only risky but inspires distrust. So probably what the buyer expects is to see it in a catalogue. So I’d give them a well photographed catalogue. If I were selling food, then maybe the buyer would expect me to have it right away so they can eat it. Therefore I would need to have it on spot. So you have to use your judgment on how to distribute your item based on the item and the potential buyer’s expectation.

Going back to my lotion example. I could put the lotion images in a catalogue and leave it at the salon but in this case because my product is easily available at supermarkets and the competition is stiff, I would opt  to have it immediately available to anyone who wants to buy it. I would put a glass kiosk inside the salon so that they can pay for the product and have it instantly. Plus seeing a lot of the same  type of product has an imposing presence that  might be too compelling to resist so I create a demand with visual appeal even though, the person coming to the salon probably had no plans to buy lotions when they were planning to go. The salon reps would collect the money when customers express interest in the lotions and I would replenish stock and collect the monies at some interval of time. Accounting would be setup so I could know how much is sold and how much money I should be receiving.

Try selling your products online

Another way to get items sold is online. Alot of people are selling online. In Jamaica it is not the status quo as it is in the USA. In the USA Ebay and Amazon are the standard for selling online and they make it look so easy.

To sell online you need the same things as you do in a brick and mortar store: you need traffic and visual appeal. So you have to put your product where people are likely to see it and it  has to be well photographed. We will do an article on how to sell online in more depth but here are some easy ways to get your product online for sale:

  1. Post an Ad on Lightpost Ads
  2. Create a facebook page for your business
  3. Try other Jamaican ecommerce marketplaces ( Jamdeal etc..)

Now get out there and sell your product!

And there you have it! How to go from product to sales as a one man or small group  operation  with little or no money and just the fire burning for success!

If you like this article or have any comments  please write it in the comment section below!


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Unique ideas to make money for christmas

Business Ideas November 24, 2016



T’is the season  to be jolly – and spend money! Christmas is almost here and whereas everyone will be spending money this season, we’re here to help you make some!

On this blog we are always finding ways to help you become an entrepreneur and with only a few weeks to Christmas, its still not too late to get into some kind of business before the year ends. Its never too late to have extra bucks right?

Christmas is a time for giving but also a time for buying. If there is any time retailers love – its Christmas. This is  because almost anything will sell during Christmas. So it follows that  to make money just in time for Christmas what do you have to do? – that’s right -selling something!

Here are some great ideas for things you can sell for this holiday season. Check it out:

1. Sell gift wrapped items

Nothing is more beautiful than getting something wrapped and tied with a pretty bow. People are going to wrap the gifts anyway so it might be worthwhile to offer something already wrapped as all they have to do is present it.  So take individual items and repackage it as a gift. The value you add will be in the gift wrapping, the  placement  in some pretty container and your elegant ribbons to make it pretty. By doing this, you can charge more for the gift as a whole rather than the just for the individual contents.

2. Sell gift wrapping supplies

Often times people buy an item but then they have to go buy the gift wrapping paper and ribbons separately. So there is a market for the wrapping alone. Christmas is a great time to sell gift wrap supplies. It’s usually cheap to buy bulk and has a large markup percentage.

3. Do retail arbitrage ( Buy low sell high)

This is probably the most common way Jamaican small businesses make money.  As a one-man-operation entrepreneur, this might be the best bet for you. Jamaicans  in the retail business often buy in  downtown Kingston where they can get things at wholesale prices and then sell uptown or outside of Kingston for much higher prices. Sometimes they buy  cheaper from  overseas (USA and China) and sell at higher prices in Jamaica. Buying low and selling high is a proven way to make extra money for the holidays.

4. Clear out your junk and make money

The best way to make money is to sell what you already have. Since its Christmas, it’s a perfect time to get rid of your clutter and redecorate for the holidays.  Don’t throw away what you don’t want. Well what do you do with it?

Here’s what you do: Photograph it and post it online for sale.

It makes sense to make money from the things you want to get rid of anyway. Post a free ad on lightpost ad or post it on your social media page. Lightpost Ads is  a free classified ads service for Jamaica where your buyers can see your item online and find things close to them by locating them on the map of Jamaica.  The added benefit of posting  with Lightpost Ads is that it will be easier to be found based on location by potential buyers. Whichever way you do it – just get rid of your unused stuff and sell them!

5. Offer party prep services

Lots of people will be hosting parties for the holidays. Offer a service that is complimentary to that by assisting them to set up for the party. An extra pair of creative hands will surely be appreciated – and there are people who would pay for the extra help!

So are you ready to make  money this Christmas yet?

With any luck we have inspired you to do something to make money for the Christmas holidays. Hopefully you will choose something on our list or you may have a other ideas on how to make money in this short span of time.

But HOW are you going to do it?   Where will you find customers? and how will you get them to spend money with you?

These are the questions we will tackle in  the next article in this series entitles I found a product to sell, now what? There I will show how  a low budget one-man operating business can get their product in the hands of consumers.






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How to start a business while working a full-time job in Jamaica

Business Ideas October 11, 2016


The best way to make money is to start your own business and sell something. There is no-get-rich-quick scheme that will give you lasting financial freedom. You are gonna have to work for it, but you will be happy when you start earning money consistently on the side– even while working a full time job.

If you are very happy with your salary and you are not interested in building your own business then this article is not for you. If you are a person that wants to have enough money to build the life you want and you are not comfortable with  only the crumbs off someone else’s table, then read on.

1. Don’t quit your job until you have a replacement income

Don’t be too eager. Starting a side business and doing a full time job is a lot of work and you have to keep your job until your side business can match your income consistently. Don’t be so excited that you quit your job and find yourself struggling to pay your bills. Keep your job and build your side business until it is mature enough to replace your day job – it might take a couple months – but it’s worth it!

2. Determine what side business you want to start

If you always had a passion for something, then starts with that as your side business. If you have absolutely no idea then here are a few ideas to help you. The key is to do something that you are interested in, otherwise you will quit when the going gets tough – and it WILL definitely get tough  before it grows.

3. Do not steal your companies clients (or inentory)

If you decide to do a side business that is the same as your day job then you are walking a slippery slope. Many companies have non-compete clauses in their contracts and even if they don’t, if you start offering your side gig to the company’s customers – you might just get fired. Also don’t use the tools given to you to do your day job on your side gig. For example if you are an electrician and the company gives you tools to do your job, don’t start an electrical services side business and use your day job’s tools to do the work. That would constitute conflict of interest and yes – get you fired!

If you want to start a business directly related to your day job then try to distance your side business as much as possible by applying your skills to another industry, another geographical location and definitely do not steal your company’s clients – do the leg-work and get your own!

4. No money to start? – no problem

If you have $0 to start a business, you can still start. If you have rich relatives who you think would help you start – pitch the idea to them and see if they will invest. You can also try to get a small business loan. If all else fails, then  you have to self fund, called bootstrapping.

If you can squeeze money from your pay, then do so.  If you can hardly make ends meet as it is and you  really need seed money then start by looking around your house and sell everything you don’t use regularly. Here are a few ideas :

  • sell used clothes
  • sell used cell phones
  • sell your furniture
  • sell your appliances
  • sell your books
  • sell your accessories
  • sell your jewelry,
  • sell your curtains and drapery

Sell anything you have that you can live without.

You don’t have to leave your house or stand on the street (though you can if you want to). Just  take a picture with your phone and put it online. You put it on Lightpost Ads for free  and send the link to your friends. It’s quick and easy and free!


4. Register your business and get a bank account

Business registration is important so that you can be a legal entity. Also get  a bank account for the business so that you can keep business finances separate and really see if you are making a profit or not. Don’t mix up your personal and business money. Be sure to get the regulatory licenses you may need for your business. Here’s  more info about registering a business in Jamaica.

5. Find time for your business

A lot of people will say that they are too busy. This might be true, but in many cases you just haven’t prioritized your time well. According to the famous motivational speaker Eric Thomas: “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe -you will go all in!” Here’s a few ways to find time to work on your business.

6. Advertise your business on Lightpost Ads

Lightpost Ads is a great tool to advertise your new business in Jamaica. Lightpost ads has the added map feature and is free. (Plus its our blog so we can promote ourselves!)  Put an ad on Lightpost Ads and sell off! But seriously advertise anywhere you can for free. From community notice boards to church service announcements to facebook and twitter – just find a way to get the word out.

So starting a business is tough especially when you are already working a full time job. The rewards are so great though that it is something you really should do. Follow us @lightpostads where we blog about self funded startups. Get our  weekly tips on starting your business on Twitter at #beyourownbossfriday where every friday we give our great advice that Jamaican entrepreneurs can use to help build their self funded business.

Was this article helpful? Then comment below and let us know!


Do you have something to sell in Jamaica?

                 advertise it on Lightpost ads for 30 days free! 

Start Now!


Here are some other resources for helping you start  a business while working a full time job:

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5 Real Ways Jamaicans Can Make Money Online

Quick money September 30, 2016

The Jamaican economy is bad but the global sharing economy is booming! As a Jamaican,  you are poised to take advantage of this boom. This article will show you how. Thanks to the great performances of our athletes, our unique and globally recognized music , our beautiful beaches, our patois, our food and our culture – the world knows us, likes us and can’t get enough of us.

And  the best part? – we can make money from all of it! You (yes you!) – can make money by using your unique identity as a Jamaican to make  money online, sometimes even as you sleep! Here is how:

Top 5 ways Jamaicans can make money online

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is  very popular website where you can get almost anything done for USD$5. From website design, to youtube video intros to writing documents among many, many other tasks.

How it works: You come up with a base “gig” which is anything you can offer at a base price of $5, and then add relevant upsells or packages to increase your order value. The person who wants your service pays Fiverr before you start the job then when the job has been completed and the buyer accepts your work, then the funds are released to you. Here are what Jamaicans are currently doing on fiverr:

Lightpostads - 5 real ways Jamaicans can make money online 1

As you can see from the image above, many Jamaicans are already on Fiverr doing gigs from simply talking with the Jamaican accent, to singing happy birthday Jamaican style, to translating English to patois, etc.. and getting paid at least $5. Surely you can come up with some service you can sell on Fiverr for $5 or more.

Here are more examples of what other Jamaicans are doing on fiverr. People have been able to earn a full time living from Fiverr alone. This is definitely a very real way Jamaicans can make money online.

2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelance marketplaces online. It works by you creating a profile and then you have to bid on jobs that meet your criteria. People can earn a decent living from this but, the competition is stiff. However, if you are good at what you do then bid and let your quality work help you build your profile and get even more work  – and more money! Here are some Jamaicans already doing just that:

Lightpostads - 5 real ways Jamaicans can make money online- upwork

There are already a few Jamaicans on upWork and earning average USD $30 per hour. If you have a skill or profession, this is a viable way to make some serious extra cash.

3.  AirBnB

This is probably the most popular sharing economy service around. Airbnb is  a way for you to share the rooms in your house or apartment to travelers for money. This is giving the hotel industry serious competition!

How it works: You sign up to become a host and give details about the room or house you want to make available to travelers on a temporary basis. Your rate depends on by your local competition, which could be anywhere from $40 to $300 a night.

Lightpostads - 5 real ways Jamaicans can make money online - airbnb

As a Jamaican you can offer a decent service letting people enjoy our paradise island right from the convenience of your home! Many are already doing this, above is a sample of some of the offering from Jamaicans on Airbnb.

Whether you have a villa in Negril or a little house in Portland, St. Elizabeth or Kingston – you never know where people want to stay. This is a great way to re-purpose unused space. This is definitely  a real way for Jamaicans to make money online.

4. Teespring

Teespring is absolutely cool. It works by you creating you own t-shirt designs  and then you can market them to the audience you prefer. You earn the the difference between the selling price and the cost to produce. The absolute great thing about Teespring is that if you don’t make a sale, then you don’t pay! It’s like you sell the item before its made – genius!

Lightpostads - 5 real ways Jamaicans can make money online -teespring

As you can see there are a few Jamaicans already taking advantage of this. If you are a creative type or just love the idea of creating t-shirts, this could be for you. The beauty is that Jamaicans have a lot of funny things that we do and say all the time that would be great to immortalize on a t-shirt. So this definitely is a real and awesome way for Jamaicans to make money online.

5. Snapwire

Snapwire is a great way to make money from your photography hobby. Evevn if you just have a smartphone with a good camera, you can make money from your images. Upload a picture – get paid. What’s better than that?

Earn 50-70% royalties  on the images you upload when companies buy the rights to your beautiful photography. Here are some samples of Jamaican images already for sale on snapwire.

Lightpostads - 5 real ways Jamaicans can make money online -snapwireConclusion

The sharing economy is here. It new and its exciting. It’s changing entire industries and making even the small individual equal competitor with big companies. Now everyone can have a share of the pie – but only if you are willing to dip their hat in the ring.

So here are the top 5 real ways Jamaicans can make money online.  These are things you can do relatively easily. The only thing is you need to make sure you have a payal account which you can set up from anywhere in order to get  paid.

Notice that there are two very big players which I have avoided altogether : Amazon and Ebay. This is because although you can make good money with these they usually require considerable more effort. In this sharing global economy it opens up a whole new realm of possibility for everyone and as Jamaicans we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of it. Here I have shown 5 real ways Jamaicans can make money online – from anywhere in the world, with actual examples of how others are already doing it. So get cracking – find a way to use your Jamaican-ness and get paid!

Hey ,

Do you have something to sell in Jamaica?

                 advertise it on Lightpost ads for 30 days free! 

Start Now!


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5 ways to make $5000 JMD this weekend

Quick money September 23, 2016


Lets face it, the Jamaican economy is bad and lots of people struggle to make ends meet. Even if you have a full time job you might need some extra cash just to survive the coming week. Well if you have weekends off – you have to get creative and use your weekends to supplement your income. Here a are a few good ways to make money this weekend in Jamaica:

1. Have a yard sale

  • Look through your things and pick out what you don’t need and can sell.
  • Tell your friends. If you can afford it,  you can pay to put an ad in the newspaper or you can place a free ad on Lightpost ads and send the link  to people by email and post it on your facebook and social media.
  • Make a sign and put it in your yard. You can put some balloons around the sign to get attention
  • Make a list of the prices you want for each thing. Make it a little higher (not too high now!) because people are going to bargain you down.
  • Get tables, get hangers ( for clothes) and get what you need to display your goods as best as possible.

On the actual sale day start early, be friendly, be willing to answer questions and be willing to bargain prices. Don’t be offended if people look and don’t buy, for every 10 that look its likely one will buy so treat everybody good regardless if they buy or not.

2. Jerk some chicken

People love jerk chicken but not everybody can jerk. So if you feel you can, then you will need:

  • Jerk pan,
  • Pimento wood
  • Seasoning
  • Chopper
  • Foil paper
  • Ketchup
  • Pepper sauce
  • Pots and pans
  • Table
  • Chopping board
  • Bread.

If you are any good at jerking this would be a great way to make some extra money this weekend.

3. Pop-up a juice stand

Jamaica hot – bad! People always thirsty so cold juice will always sell. Set up  a juice stand for the weekend. You will need:

  • Juice
  • Ice
  • Cups
  • Cooler
  • Get a table with an umbrella

Setup in a neat area where you can serve drinks. If you want to be really fancy you can use only real fruit juice and use crushed ice and get cups that have a cover and serve it with a straw- only if you want to be fancy. A  little juice stand for the weekend is sure to make money.

4. Fish Fry

A great way to make money this weekend is to do a fish fry. Tell all your friends and try to get pre-order then spread the word at places with lots of people, like bars, or barber shops , salons or just people in and around your community. Tell them about your fish fry and why you are doing it. Maybe you need money to a specific purpose like paying your tuition etc… let people know they are not just buying food but they are supporting a noble cause. Then prepare your fish, deliver it and collect!

5. Drive your friends to parties

Every weekend there are lots of parties in Jamaica. If you have a lot of friends who want to go to the parties you can make money from being the designated driver. Everybody wants to go to the party but a common problem is the ride. Offer to take your friends to and from whichever party they want and let them pay you ( but  be sure not to ruin the friendship over money!). This way, they can go to the party, drink and enjoy themselves and be sure to have a ride back. You can do this for different friends and for different parties over the weekend. Between everyone you should walk away with a decent change for the two nights.

Bonus money maker: Start a  Home WiFi Hotspot Business

Everybody wants to connect to the internet these days and some people don’t have wifi at home. You can make money by using your home wifi and letting others use it for a fee. Charge per person who connects or per device. This can add up to a tidy sum. Setup might take a little start up cost (approximately USD $150)  and technical know-how but if you can do it,  you can make back the money threefold. Here is an article that shows you how to setup your home wifi business.



The title of this post is how to make $5000 this weekend but with these tips you can make much more than that. Create a free ad and post the link on your social media and send it out to your email list. Prepare your activity and make money this weekend!

Hey Jamaica,

                you have money in your closet

                                     and lying around your house!

Sell your clutter and make money!! advertise them on Lightpost ads for  free! 

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How to find time to start your side business- in Jamaica

Live better September 21, 2016


How to find time to start your side business- in Jamaica when you are working a full time job or  other responsibilities? This is a common problem and one we are about to help you with.

The main reason people who want to start their own business don’t, is because they don’t have money, they can’t come up with a good business idea  or because they can’t find enough time.  We have some posts already on low cost business ideas that are easy to start in Jamaica  but today, we will focus on how to find the time to start your side business.

Everybody has the same 24 hours to work with. Yet some people are wildly more effective at using that time than others. How can you free up some time?

Well lets start with what’s eating up your time. Here are a few things that steal a lot of time for most people:

  • Commuting
  • Running errands
  • Cooking
  • TV
  • Facebook / Email/Twitter
  • Cleaning
  • Getting ready
  • Open House


1. Save time on Commuting

  • Shorten the distance you drive to wherever you go regularly. For example try to move closer to work. You might pay more for rent, but you gain so much peace of mind and time with less traffic.


  • Study traffic times and try to make your commute during low traffic periods.

For example: I was commuting from Stony Hill to Half Way Tree daily for work. I realized if I leave my house at 6:30 I end up being stuck in traffic from Long Lane all the way down to Constant Spring and into Half Way Tree, but if I leave at 6:15 am its smooth sailing to my job! Just leaving 15 minutes earlier made the world of difference and save me about an hour a day. Find the best times to commute and save time!


  • More and more companies in Jamaica are allowing work from home. Negotiate and see if this is a possibility!


2. Save time on running errands

  • Plan your route to try to pick the best path that hits all the stores you need in the quickest way. Try to buy in areas that have a number of different stores so that if you don’t find what you want in one store you don’t have to drive too far to the other.


  • Start checking stores online. I know in Jamaica we are still not there yet in terms of online shopping. But we are getting there. Checking first online can save a lot of time. Check on Lightpost Ads to see if anyone in your area is selling what you want nearby first before making the trip to town.


3. Save time on cooking

  • Buy  food instead of cook ( if you are not too picky)

I used to be from the school of thought where food should come out of a pot  and not out of a box but I have since changed my tune. Cooking takes a lot of time. You could buy the meal already prepared and save time and effort.

  • If you are really picky, hire someone to cook for you. Believe me, paying someone to help you might cost you money but it saves you a whole lot of time and headache.
  • Plan  ahead and prepare the ingredients so that when you need to cook its already done. You can prepare batches of meat and freeze them  to use later.
  • Cook a lot of food on one day and enjoy left-overs for the rest of the week.


4. Save time by watching less TV

Its easy to get hooked on your favorite TV show but you can easily spend 35 hours a week on TV. That is almost one entire work week! Do you know what how much progress you could make  if you could dedicate that extra time to your business? You could use that time to get closer to financial freedom instead you watch other people making money.

Try not to get sucked into new shows because you will end up “just wanting to see how it ends” next thing you know you are stuck on it. My personal favorite show is Game of Thrones so every season I get sucked in and I have to see how it ends. For that reason I stay away from new shows. If you are watching TV you are bound by the time the show is on and plan your life around it. If you have a streaming service like Netflix, its even worse because you can watch episode after episode and next thing you know its 6:00pm and all you’ve done all day is watch TV!

So you have to decide if the time you spend watching TV is worth the things you could have accomplished in that time. I think of it this way: when I watch TV, I am watching people getting richer while I am getting poorer, so how much poorer can I afford to be?

Cut back on your TV time.

5. Save time by limiting your Facebook/Email/Twitter

How did you live before there was facebook? I introduced my mother to facebook last year and now she can’t live without it. She is completely obsessed! I love social media myself but I make a conscious effort to limit it. I check my facebook at nights and I allow myself a maximum time of 30 minutes.

Its also ok to unfollow people on facebook. Go through your list and remove the people whose updates don’t mean much to you. That will free up the time you spend on  facebook. Its not mean, its just that if someone is always posting  about problems and always negative then do you really need to be updated on that?

For email, it’s different. Email is often important stuff. To save time don’t constantly check your email, instead set a schedule to check it. Maybe once in the morning and again in the evening, otherwise you will be constantly in your inbox and it can eat up a lot of time, especially if you have to craft reply messages.

Twitter is another story and its the same for  almost any social media you use. Because people are constantly posting things, you can feel the urge to check it all the time and get sucked in to trending conversations etc.. but resist, please resist. Spend that valuable time doing something with better results -like your business or family.


6. Save time on getting ready

This is a big one especially for ladies. We want to look good and pretty and for men, they want to look sharp and groomed. But you might not realize how much time it eats up every day. Here are ways to spend less time getting ready.

  • Prepare your clothes for the week ( this will save you time in the morning)
  • Go easy on  the make-up ( ladies do you really need eyeshadow everyday?)
  • Be uniform. Its ok to wear the same style everyday.

Lately I have decided to where basically the same style outfit to work. I  decided spending the money I get paid just to buy clothes to go to the same work that paid me is not the best way to spend my money. So a black jeans and a cotton shirt is my style for work now – works great for me. So I have a bunch of shirts and a few black jeans. Every morning I get up and no longer have to guess what to wear to work. Love it!

7.  Save time on cleaning

Do you know how much time you spend cleaning? Cleaning is eats up a big chunk of time and is very tiring. And the great thing is it doesn’t last, so you could have just washed the dishes and in 5 minutes the sink is full again! For those of us with kids its a particular struggle.

Here are ways to save time on cleaning:

  •  If you can afford a helper you should consider getting one, or even a days worker it definitely will free up your time
  • Use disposable plates. Yup cleanup would be a breeze. No dirty dishes just eat and dump the plates.
  • Consider investing in a clothes dryer. This saves you time in hanging out clothes and also some dryers leave the clothes with less wrinkles so sometimes you don’t even need to iron – saving you lots of time.


8. Set rules for your (open) house

This is a hidden time waster. In Jamaica we are a very close community and many of us have open houses. Open house means friends just drop by at all random hours without invitation and you suddenly have to give then attention, talk with them and next thing you know your entire afternoon is gone. This is ok, once-in-a-while but when you have a revolving door of people just dropping in – its a problem!

Sometimes they stop by unannounced, they go into your fridge and eat your food and leave dirty dishes, they startup long conversation and they don’t know when to leave. Or maybe you have a big family and cousin and auntie and uncle and everybody comes to your house and chat and laugh and have fun -all the time.

All good and well in most cases, but it eats up your time and distracts you. The reason they can do this is because your house is a open house.

Save time by setting rules for your home. Let friends and family know what times are appropriate and let them know that you have something you are working on and want their support by giving you a chance to do it. Set rules and enforce boundaries and it will change.



The most important thing to do when you live in Jamaica is to find a way to achieve financial independence. You need time to dedicate to your ideas to convert them into dollars and you have to find the time within the 24 hours we all have each day. Take these actionable steps and use them daily and see how much time you can free up to focus on your business!

Hey Jamaica,

                you have money in your closet

                                     and lying around your house!

Sell your clutter and make money!! advertise it on Lightpost ads for  free! 






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How to advertise for free in Jamaica

Business Promotion September 4, 2016

lightpost ads - advertise for free in Jamaica

There are a couple of ways to advertise for free in Jamaica. We  are going to share with you the most easy-to-do options that will cost you absolutely nothing!

1. Put it pon di lightpost

The best way to advertise your business in Jamaica for free is to post an ad on Lightpost Ads. (Sorry, this is our blog, but the truth is the truth). Just put it pon di lightpost. Jamaica has a long tradition of putting ads on lightposts and since JPS ban the practice on physical light poles,  we decided to continue the practice online.

Lightpost Ads offers free ad listings for 7 days. You can add images to your ads, use unlimited words, see exactly how much views you received,  see your ad on the map of Jamaica and much much more –  all for free!!

2. Advertise on your vehicle

If you own a business and have something to sell, put a sign on your vehicle advertising your item. Everywhere you go people have no choice but to stare at your ad. Its advertising for free, its effective and  its easy to do.

 3. Advertise on community boards

Community boards are common enough and another great way to advertise for free in Jamaica. It could be a notice board for your actual community or church,  it could be at a school or in a lunch room at work. What’s important is that people in that community are looking at it and when your ad is there, they have no choice but to see it.

4. Build a web presence

A great way to advertise for free is to get online and make your business known. Create a facebook page, get a twitter account, get listed on Google places and submit  your business to  the Jamaica Yellow Pages.  These are very effective and free ways to get your business found on the web.

So there you have it. Four easy ways to advertise for free in Jamaica. Check to see what others are advertising in Jamaica here.

Did we miss anything? Leave your comments below if you can think of any better ways to advertise for free in Jamaica.

Hey Jamaica,

                you have money in your closet

                                     and lying around your house!

Find things to sell and advertise it on Lightpost ads for free!



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10 mad business ideas for Jamaica

Business Ideas August 17, 2016

lightpost ads mad business ideas -

Time to get out of your comfort zone people! Time to rethink possible and embrace craziness. Some of the biggest inventions were considered crazy. In Jamaica mad is good, so lets get some mad business  ideas that could make you mad money!

1. Airport shuttle service

unique business ideas for Jamaica - airport shuttle busEver want to catch a flight out at Norman Manley International Airport and need to get there in the wee hours of the morning? If you don’t have a friend to drop you or can’t afford the high price taxi, then dawg nyam yuh suppah! What if we had a shuttle service that was available 24 hours on a fixed schedule  that took you and your luggage straight to the airport? Dat woulda sweet and its definitely a unique business idea for Jamaica.

Do you think a shuttle bus service to Kingston airport is a good business idea for Jamaica?

2. Moving service ( truck rental)

For most people moving is the most dreaded thing to have to do. What about a business that can take some of the pain out by offering a moving service where they help you pack and transport you to your new location? What about dat? And if you want to save some money, then you can simple rent the truck and do the packing and driving yourself! This is a great business idea for Jamaica and can follow the U-haul model in the US.

Would you be willing to pay a moving service or rent a truck the next time you move?

3.  Storage Rentallightpost ads unique business ideas for Jamaica - storage rental

Storage is another under tapped business that Jamaicans could use. Many of us have a lot of bag-an-pan and when we run out of space we might not want to throw them away or give them away but store them somewhere instead. Good luck finding dat in Jamaica. So why not have storage units built where people can pay to store their stuff for a limited time? This is another unique business idea for Jamaica and it works – just look at the Public Storage business model.

Do you think a storage service is a good business idea for Jamaica?

4. Baggage storage

Whereas storage rental was more for large items, baggage storage is for  bags. Especially dem big black plastic bag dem. Imagine going shopping in Pavilion Half Way Tree and buying a lot of stuff. Then lets say you want to go to Twin Gates Plaza to get something there and then you want to go to the Village plaza to get something else, what do you do with all your bags? Well what if you could just leave your bags somewhere and do your errands on foot and pick it up later? Small storage lockers that you could rent and use temporarily would help in these situations.

Would you rent a locker to keep your bags while you shop?

5. Rent-a -Cow

lightpost ads unique business ideas for jamaica - rent-a-cowDon’t laugh. Rent-a-cow sounds weird but it actually being done in different places in the world. It works by you renting a cow for a specific time. During this time you can have the cow at your disposal to milk, for manure or to pet. The owner can decide if he wants to keep the cow on his farm or allow the renter to take the cow to their farm. Why would anyone rent a cow? For fresh cow’s milk, or to make butter, cheese, or maybe to try out how involved it is to own a cow before they buy one or maybe even to teach their kids about cows and milking cows  – who knows? But there are people out there doing this and making money- so why not turn your cow into a cash cow?

If you could pay to have access to a cow and all its produce, would you do it?


6. Anti-mosquito screen installationlightpost ads unique business ideas for Jamaica- screen

Jamaica recently had a really bad case of Chik-V transmitted by mosquito and now in many parts of South America people are scared because of the  Zika virus also transmitted by mosquito. Wouldn’t this be a good time to go in business installing anti-mosquito screens for windows and doors? Everybaddy want to get rid a di mosquita dem!

Would you pay to have a mesh screen installed on your windows and doors to keep out flies and mosquito?

7. After Party Cleanup Crew

Here is another unique business idea for Jamaica. Jamaica has a lot of parties and dances being kept every weekday and a lot more on weekends. The After Party Cleanup Crew business is the business idea that after the session or party there is a lot of cleaning to be done. Some people might be drunk or wasted and just too tired to do anything. Wouldn’t it be nice if the organizers could call a reliable service crew and they handle all the cleanup – trash removal, wiping, mopping, sweeping, uninstalling and getting the place back to how it was before the party? This business is making money in the US, check out Hangover Helpers.

Do you think a cleanup service catering to parties and dances is a good business idea for Jamaica?

8. Used box saleslightpost ads unique business ideas for Jamaica - boxes

Almost everything we buy comes in a box – and what do we do with the box after we have removed the item? We dash it way! Well, this unique business idea for Jamaica is  to re-purpose all those used boxes and sell them. The business can simply re-sell the boxes for people who need boxes for moving or they can make something with the cardboard. You can buy the boxes from people at a low price and sell it to make a profit. Again this is being done elsewhere, check out the  UsedCardboardBoxes business model.

Would you pay for used boxes?


9. Event supplies rental

So this is not so unique but it makes the list because it is somewhat unconventional. For any special event such as a wedding or dinner or party,  if people want to prepare food they will need large pots and spoons and large forks and thongs etc… it might be expensive to buy all of this for a one day event so why not rent it?  This business could create a package like dinner package with a big dutchy fi de curry goat and a big soup pot  fi di manish wata. Plates and spoons, cups, and glasses, warmers… This is being done in Jamaica already but not enough so it still makes it a unique business idea for Jamaica.

Do you think renting pots/pans/utentils etc.. is a good business idea for Jamaica?

10. Family Finder

lightpost ads business ideas for Jamaica- family

Jamaica is a small country but you would be surprised at how many people don’t know the members of their own family. Somehow the family unit got split up. Bredda an sista gone a east and west, people get married and change names or any number of things that make it hard to identify them with their roots. This unique business idea is much like ancestry.com  but it doesn’t have to be online. It is a research service to tell you about your family history and to bring families together.

Do you think finding family members for a fee is a good business idea for Jamaica?


So what do you think about these mad unique business ideas for Jamaica? let us know in the comments below.

Still trying to find a business to start check out our list of 40 business ideas to start with little or no capital

You can also read how to come up with good business ideas for more inspiration.

Hey Jamaica,

                you have money in your closet

                                     and lying around your house!

Find things to sell and advertise it on Lightpost ads for free!

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