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Top 8 disappearing jobs in Jamaica

Day jobs February 12, 2017

The factories of the future will have two employees: a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment. – Warren Bennis

It’s amazing how many things we used to do just a few years ago that we don’t even think of doing anymore. Anybody remember dialing 114 to get Cable and Wireless directory assistance? If you don’t, then you are very young but trust me -this used to be a thing. If you do remember, then you can appreciate how rapidly we have collectively changed in the way we do things.

As we change, so does the industries around us and most often than not, the people employed in those changing industries must adapt or their jobs soon disappear.

In this article I have listed the jobs that are at risk for extinction in Jamaica in a few years. If you are thinking of getting into any of these fields – be cautious. If you are already working in these fields – stick around to the end where I give solutions of what you can do to stay relevant. Here are the top 8 jobs that a disappearing in Jamaica:

1. Librarian

Library science used to be a serious career choice, now its an almost forgotten career. Given that the internet gives us information at our fingertips and we can download pdf books and audio books and have so many sources of information. The physical books are still necessary and will be around  for a long time, but the need to go to a library is not. Librarians at big universities or research centers are still relevant but generally the field is dwindling.

2. Shoemaker

As more and more people replace shoes instead of repair them and less and less people learn the trade of shoe making, shoe maker and shoe repair jobs which are already scarce enough, will  disappear even more in Jamaica.

 3. Postal Worker

Back in the day letters were it. Now people send emails not letters. For me I only get bills at the post office – so not a lot to look forward to. Post office workers will have to find new ways to keep themselves relevant int the coming years.

4. Insurance Underwriters

Insurance underwriters are specially skilled people who determine the risk involved in insuring a client. These jobs are disappearing as automated decisioning systems become more and more popular in the insurance industry. They will go even faster when Jamaica gets its credit bureau setup and start using credit scores in underwriting. Underwriters will be less needed as technology will replace them more and more.

5. Travel Agents

A lot of people still use travel service in Jamaica but it’s days are numbered. With services like orbitz and kayak and a number of other online flight booking services, the need for a travel agents job will soon be gone.

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6. Newspaper Vendor / Printer

Jamaica still enjoys a high readership of physical  newspaper even when many international newspapers are turning to online only with no papers being printed  at all. Nevertheless, with more and more reliance on online sources for news and information, the newspaper printers and newspaper vendors may find themselves in the same situation in a few years.

7. Fine jewelers

Gold jewelry was big in Jamaica in the 80’sand 90’s. Anybody remember the cargo chains and the big grape earrings? OK, well maybe not everybody was into that, but it was very common to have a gold chain built with your name on it. I saw plenty of this when I was growing up in Kingston. Nowadays more people are into buying fashion jewelry and very few use the services of a jeweler who can craft gold and other precious metals.

8. Bus Conductors

It started with JUTC removing the conductors from their buses. The conductors usually sat at the back of the bus. Then they removed them altogether and people entered from the front of the bus and paid the driver. In most of Jamaica, bus conductors enjoy thriving employment even on very small mini buses. Nevertheless, their days are numbered as more and more technology will come into the transport sector and less and less people will be needed to be conductors on buses.


Most of us in Jamaica are just working a job trying to make ends meet. Most people just need a job, any decent job. But it turns out that you have to not just  try to keep your job, but you also have to look in the future and see where that job is going and position yourself to move with it.

So if you work in any of the fields listed above you are in danger. What can you do? The answer is diversify. Find ways to add value both personally and in the industry you are currently in. If your industry is taking steps to improve their relevance then be willing to help -don’t get stuck in the old ways.

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