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Unique ideas to make money for christmas

Business Ideas November 24, 2016



T’is the season  to be jolly – and spend money! Christmas is almost here and whereas everyone will be spending money this season, we’re here to help you make some!

On this blog we are always finding ways to help you become an entrepreneur and with only a few weeks to Christmas, its still not too late to get into some kind of business before the year ends. Its never too late to have extra bucks right?

Christmas is a time for giving but also a time for buying. If there is any time retailers love – its Christmas. This is  because almost anything will sell during Christmas. So it follows that  to make money just in time for Christmas what do you have to do? – that’s right -selling something!

Here are some great ideas for things you can sell for this holiday season. Check it out:

1. Sell gift wrapped items

Nothing is more beautiful than getting something wrapped and tied with a pretty bow. People are going to wrap the gifts anyway so it might be worthwhile to offer something already wrapped as all they have to do is present it.  So take individual items and repackage it as a gift. The value you add will be in the gift wrapping, the  placement  in some pretty container and your elegant ribbons to make it pretty. By doing this, you can charge more for the gift as a whole rather than the just for the individual contents.

2. Sell gift wrapping supplies

Often times people buy an item but then they have to go buy the gift wrapping paper and ribbons separately. So there is a market for the wrapping alone. Christmas is a great time to sell gift wrap supplies. It’s usually cheap to buy bulk and has a large markup percentage.

3. Do retail arbitrage ( Buy low sell high)

This is probably the most common way Jamaican small businesses make money.  As a one-man-operation entrepreneur, this might be the best bet for you. Jamaicans  in the retail business often buy in  downtown Kingston where they can get things at wholesale prices and then sell uptown or outside of Kingston for much higher prices. Sometimes they buy  cheaper from  overseas (USA and China) and sell at higher prices in Jamaica. Buying low and selling high is a proven way to make extra money for the holidays.

4. Clear out your junk and make money

The best way to make money is to sell what you already have. Since its Christmas, it’s a perfect time to get rid of your clutter and redecorate for the holidays.  Don’t throw away what you don’t want. Well what do you do with it?

Here’s what you do: Photograph it and post it online for sale.

It makes sense to make money from the things you want to get rid of anyway. Post a free ad on lightpost ad or post it on your social media page. Lightpost Ads is  a free classified ads service for Jamaica where your buyers can see your item online and find things close to them by locating them on the map of Jamaica.  The added benefit of posting  with Lightpost Ads is that it will be easier to be found based on location by potential buyers. Whichever way you do it – just get rid of your unused stuff and sell them!

5. Offer party prep services

Lots of people will be hosting parties for the holidays. Offer a service that is complimentary to that by assisting them to set up for the party. An extra pair of creative hands will surely be appreciated – and there are people who would pay for the extra help!

So are you ready to make  money this Christmas yet?

With any luck we have inspired you to do something to make money for the Christmas holidays. Hopefully you will choose something on our list or you may have a other ideas on how to make money in this short span of time.

But HOW are you going to do it?   Where will you find customers? and how will you get them to spend money with you?

These are the questions we will tackle in  the next article in this series entitles I found a product to sell, now what? There I will show how  a low budget one-man operating business can get their product in the hands of consumers.








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